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The Teddy Bear School was founded in 1990 in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, but its creation began back in the 80s, when Luciana Machado, an enthusiastic young woman with a degree in English, went to London to improve her skills. The findings about the teaching system applied in British schools for children and youth sparked her keen interest in creating an innovative teaching method to awaken the desire to learn the English language in children and adolescents. Another discovery that caught her attention was the popularity of the teddy bear in all age groups, whose notoriety led to the creation of the Teddy Bear Museum in Hampshire, England.

Luciana became fascinated with the story of the toy bear, which was created in Germany in 1880 by Margarete Steiff. In the early twentieth century, the toy was brought to the United States by a salesman, where it was renamed Teddy Bear in honor of the US President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt.

She started connecting ideas: a differentiated teaching methodology and a bear that charmed children and adults...

Upon returning to Brazil, Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear, by Elvis Presley, was playing as the plane landed in the city of Florianópolis. Bingo! That was it!
Then, Luciana shared her experiences with the marketing professional Tony De Franceschi, who immediately recognized the idea of a new methodology as a great opportunity, and chose the name Teddy Bear for the new venture. That was when the first English school specializing in children and adolescents began in the South of the country.

The Teddy Bear English School has been innovative since it opened its first school: unheard of methods, differentiated physical facilities and teaching materials,and teachers and employees trained to provide excellence in teaching and customer service.
Many parents joined the new proposition and, as the children discovered the pleasure of learning a new language, other Teddy Bear schools were inaugurated. Thus, Teddy Bear became a reference in the teaching of English language to children and teenagers.

This is a story without an end, because for over two decades it is rewritten daily, with the same passion from the beginning.

Currently, Teddy Bear is a recognized trademark and a rapidly expanding franchise. It is a unique English school, where the satisfaction and pride that inspire learning and teaching are cultivated. As a company, it seeks to be visionary, innovative and a leader in its field, based on principles inspired by the name itself:


Teaching Exclusively to Develop and Delight the Young

A unique English school
that cultivates satisfaction and the pride
that inspires learning and teaching.


To be an innovative company
and a leader in English language teaching.


Brightness: expressive conduct, which motivates passion for the new and the willingness to change.
Excellence: a conduct of excellence that encourages understanding and overcoming expectations.
Ability: a conduct of capacity, which motivates the choice of challenge and determination.
Relationship: conduct focused on relationships that motivates human interaction.