Teddy Bear - English for kids and teens - Inglês especializado para crianças e adolescentes



Teddy Bear has developed its own specialized methodology focused on children from 2 years of age, preadolescents and adolescents.
The school believes that the interaction with a foreign language must be experienced and practiced from an early age and consolidated through hands on life experiences. Among other items, the features that stand out in the Teddy Bear methodology are the following:

Constant work on motivation: We inspire our students to enjoy learning the English language and to feel happy to know and master it. Students realize how they evolve and succeed, thus keeping them stimulated and interested in learning more and attaining proficiency in the language.

High performance pedagogical team: Formed by professionals trained to teach the English language, and with a degree in the area of Human Sciences, our cultural educators are selected for their technical expertise and, above all, the vocation to teach. Teddy Bear offers specific training and corporate education programs in the field of English Language Teaching on a constant basis, besides support, follow-up and a weekly pedagogical development.

On Equality: We respect the differences! Regarding the formation of groups, for us, every student matters: we value each and every one. Respecting our students and the various paths they take towards learning shows how necessary it is to offer different types of challenges to those who take diverse routes to achieving language acquisition. We believe that not only age and education is important to be analyzed when choosing the best group for a language learner, but also the student’s level of English language skills. Here, those who have some knowledge of English will be offered to study in groups of students that have similar background knowledge of the language and that are the same age. At Teddy Bear, teaching is respecting and stimulating language competences of every age range, with the objective of establishing a challenging environment that will foster the students learning progress.

Reduced size and homogeneous classes: More important than the quantity is the quality and for this reason we work with a small number of students. It provides greater interaction and individualized attention, meeting the students’ needs in a unique and personalized way.

Educational Material: We work with world-renowned, international publishers. The materials we use are analyzed by the educational development department at Teddy Bear and selected to match the educational needs and profile of each group. Teddy Bear’s exclusive methodology allows the content presented in the textbooks to be broadened through a variety of in-class practices. This is our great advantage, that is, the book is one of many tools used to apply our unique methodology.

Neuroscience Education: Wehave developed pedagogical techniques arising theoretical basis of recent studies interfacing neurosciences, pedagogy and psychology applied to learning English. We know the importance that the new demandsof the younger generation haveon how to learn and we believe that educators are the guides that help them access valuable information for their learning. Our job is to optimize the opportunities and work skills to the pursuit of knowledge and learning.

Stimulation of Multiple Intelligences and Content Integration: Alternating educational activities, a variety of techniques and various stimuli, we address the diverse areas of knowledge using the English language to assist in the development of individual talents through openness to experience and acceptance of our differences.
We know that English is one of the means so that our students can prepare and achieve any lifelong goals that they may have and thus use the foreign language learned to explore various areas of knowledge such as science, history, general culture and geography among others that will integrate and consolidate their learning.