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  • Revista Viver Mente & Cérebro - Como o Cérebro aprende. Edição especial nº 8. (Living Brain & Mind Magazine - How the brain learns)

    » Topic pages 88,89,90,91. Quanto mais cedo melhor (The sooner the better):
    “To better learn foreign languages, it is best to start studying them until the third year of life. Later, learning becomes much more difficult.”

    By Katharina Kramer

  • Limites sem Trauma. (Limits without Trauma)

    » This book will undoubtedly be a new “bedside book for parents because it covers an important gap: itteaches objectively how, when and why to say “no” to their children. This book seeks to provide the basis for the operationalization of what has become perhaps one of the most difficult of all tasks: set limits for your children.

    By Tânia Zaguri (editora Record).

  • Quem ama, educa! (Who loves, educates!)

    » This book is about how to enable the children to become, from birth, people who are responsible for their happiness and aware of their social responsibility. It is a book for parents who believe in the possibility of always improving what has already been done, redressing past mistakes and turning dreams into projects with educational strategies.

    Içami Tiba (editora Gente).

  • Disciplina - Limite na medida certa. (Discipline - The Limit in the right measure)

    » The author impartsin this book, a real practical lesson on how to position ourselves in the face of difficult situations arising from the ongoing quest of freedom for our children. After all, the “monster” of freedom is not so ugly if you look at him with kindness, wisdom and, above all, knowing the limits that should be imposed.

    Içami Tiba (editora Gente).

  • Brilliant parents, fascinating teachers.

    » Parents and teachers are fighting for the same dream: to make their children and students happy, healthy and wise. However, they have never been so lost in the difficult task of educating. This book brings some fundamental topics for you to be a successful educator.

    Augusto Cury.